A great assortment of BBQ meats

Enjoy a sizzling summer with our BBQ Packs!

For feeding the family and sharing with friends, we have something to fit your summer plans.





6 x Marinated Chicken Wings

6 x Marinated Chicken Drumsticks

2 x Marinated Rack of Ribs

2 x 4 oz Pork Steaks

4 x Chicken Thighs

2 x Wagyu Kobe Burgers

8 x 4 oz Beef Burgers

4 x Moroccan lamb Kofta Kebabs

(Flat leaf parsley, Cumin, onion, diced peppers, salt & pepper)


1 lb Sausages (approx 6)

4 x Lamb Chops

2 x Chicken Breast Fillet




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