Organic Certification

Highland Foods was the first Butcher in London to obtain an Organic Certification after being approached by the The Soil Association.

The Soil Association is the largest and most recognised symbol of organic status.

For further details about organic farming and the Soil Association can be found through the links below.

What is organic farming?

Organic farming is an ethos based on natural and healthy methods with the welfare of the animal and the interests of the environment in mind, no chemicals or pesticides are used and all meat can be traced back to its origin.


How is it regulated?

Organic standards provide a framework for regulation and strict rules and inspections enforce the principles of organic farming. Anyone supplying organic food must meet strict standards and hold a license to sell organic produce and will be inspected annually with random inspections at any time.


Why is Organic Better?

We all want the food we buy to taste delicious, but many people also want to buy meat which has an ethical origin.  With organic meat, the consumer can feel secure in the knowledge that the following questions can be answered:


1.      Where did my meat come from?

2.      How was my meat produced, did the animal live a good life and was it cared for?

3.      What did the animal eat during its life?

4.      How was it killed and where was the meat prepared?

5.      What was the impact on the environment of the meat I eat?